Thursday, June 29, 2017

Not Afraid - Day 4 Recap

As today is the last full day of camp, it has been hard to find time to post the events of the day. We have been trying to pack in as many activities as possible before we go home tomorrow. Breakfast was pancakes and sausages before we jetted  up to the camp amphitheater for the camp picture. Then it was off to chapel where the theme for the day was Not Afraid of Being Alone.

Mr. Joe introduced the story of Elijah who faced off on Mount Carmel with the 500 prophets of Baal, he challenged them to have their god send down fire from heaven. As the day went on, no fire from heaven came as the false god Baal did not answer them. Elijah mocked them all day long -"Maybe your god is on a trip" ,"Maybe he is in the bathroom." These false prophets cried all the louder and cut themselves, but still no answer. If you know the rest of the story, at the end of the day, it was Elijah's turn. They set the altar, the wood, the sacrifice and poured 12 barrels of water  on top of it all drenching it thoroughly. Then Elijah prayed to the one true God who sent fire that burned it all up. But even after seeing God do all this, Elijah became afraid when the Queen threatened his life and so he ran away. God had to remind Elijah that he was not alone, but that He was with him. Elijah did not have to be afraid.

Right after chapel, I had the privilege of hearing one church's leaders share how they had made Jesus their Forever Friend. One after another shared how Jesus had changed them and helped them overcome their fears. Mr. Joe gave that same invitation tonight. You can pray for the campers that stood to indicate a decision for Christ.

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Suzette Parma said...

Awesome testimony. Giving our hearts and lives to Jesus Christ is a big decision. One that is not taken lightly. God bless you all