Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Not Afraid - Day 3

It's hard to believe that camp is half over. It has been so fun and we have learned so much so far. This morning we talked about not be afraid when you don't have enough - enough to eat, clothes to wear, shelter, people who love you. Mr. Joe reminds us that Jesus is enough and He can provide for us; He understands what it like to be hungry, tired, cold and alone. While He may not "fix" all your needs at once (He himself didn't fall for Satan's temptation to turn stones into bread when He was hungry), Jesus promises His very presence to comfort us and to help us be unafraid.
Many of the kids faced their fears by going on the zip line, swimming, or going on the big hike today. Tonight, they may even overcome their fear of the dark during our crazy night game. Look for more pictures on Flickr.

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Suzette Parma said...

My son Daniel Parma has a fear of making new friends and leaving me due to cps taking him away due to my past addictions. He is there with you all which is amazing. Thank you one and all for the dedication you have put in with those kids