Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Not Afraid Day 3 - Night Edition

We have just finished evening chapel and the kids are on a roll -they beat the counselors again in "Minute to Win It" and had some pretty loud musical worship  (I wish I could bottle their energy). Our skitters showed what happens if you are afraid of not having enough (you carry big bags of food into the buffet restaurant.) Mr. Joe shared the story of how the Israelites always had enough food and water because God sent manna from heaven and quail for them to eat. Every morning God provided for them so that they were full and never went hungry. We can trust God to deliver on His promises because of who He is and we can see how He has been faithful in the past. Being not afraid then is learning to trust and depend on God. We will explore this more tomorrow. Tonight, we have the Night Game to play. We can't wait.


dwinch said...

Northern California prayers!! Dave

Suzette Parma said...

How fun. If only to be a kid again. God bless you all