Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Not Afraid - Day 2 Wrap Up

I didn't get a chance to blog last night as I was a little under the weather. Night 2 was really good with more Minute to Win It fun -the kids finally beat the counselors in their match against each other. The kids have also been doing well in their memory verses and cabin clean-up competitions. We got to see the first of the photos that are being posted  to Flickr during our opening slideshow -the children love to see themselves up on the big screen. As we moved from the more wild and crazy parts of the evening (worship music can still be in that category), Ms. Mary and her "bears" revealed the results of yesterday's mission offering inwhich the kids gave over $40 towards our camp scholarship fund. Tuesday night saw the debut of the Lightseekers 2017 skit team as their drama on the fear of moving to a new place helped open for Mr. Joe. He shared about not being afraid when we experience pain and suffering; we all experience tough times: we get sick, we have experienced the loss of a beloved pet or family member, accidents happen and other bad things come our way.  The important thing to remember is that Jesus is there just as He was with the disciples when the storm hit the boat. We will learn more today as we discover how to be NOT AFRAID!

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Suzette Parma said...

Amen. Hope you are feeling better today. God bless you all.