Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Love First: End of Day Two

The campers are really demonstrating God's love to one another this week. Those who have been helping out at OTS (Opportunity to Serve) during meals have been so kind to everyone -they are constantly bringing us water, busing our dishes, and picking up trash.

This morning, Cynthia told us a story about a duck and how a sister used her brother's mistake to make him feel guilty. She manipulated him by using his guilt over the duck's death to do her bidding. Every time she said, "Remember the duck," he felt terrible and missed out on the fun he could have enjoyed instead. Satan does this to us as well. He tries to make us feel guilty about the sin we have done, but the reality is that God forgives us completely when we confess to Him (1 John 1:9).

Tonight's message was about being the light in the midst of darkness. One person with the light can expose the deeds of darkness and can also light the way to God. Cynthia reminded the campers that we should not stand around and wait for others to be the light, but we need to take our light wherever God leads.

Today was a fun day but what we are learning about God will impact us forever. More tomorrow.

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