Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Love First: Day 3

Before I write about this morning's chapel, I want to give a shout out to our leaders: the Design Team, church leaders and counselors, as well as our Missionary Kids. Each one of these adults and teenagers has sacrificed a week of their time in order to minister to our Lightseekers campers. Last night, after the kids went to bed the Design Team met to go over the day and discuss how today could be better. After that meeting concluded, the MKs and their leaders met to to share their "God moments" and to have a short Bible study. (The Missionary Kids are teenagers who give of themselves to serve others here at camp - sometimes they do the grunt work of moving tables, helping out during chapel or assisting in the craft shop. ) I was blown away by the spiritual depth of these youth and their desire to love others and God before themselves. They truly are in the process of becoming like Christ in attitude and in action.

 This morning's chapel was a lot of fun. Miss Cynthia talked about 1 John 2:9 which tells us that a person who claims to be living in the light, but hates his brother or sister is living in darkness. She told us the story of "Clay" and how his Christian friends "Jennifer"  and "Tony"  who were mean and made fun of him for how he looked and dressed. But Clay, because he was allowing Christ to mold him into a new person, was able to influence his friends in a more positive direction. What a lesson! I am sure your campers will tell you their version of the story.

Right now, free-time is in full swing. Kinds are climbing the wall.,swimming, doing archery, crafts or hanging out at the snack bar. So much to do, but I need a nap with my last bit of freetime.

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We're praying...!! Thanks for all you do all the time...