Monday, June 27, 2016

Lightseekers Camp 2016 - Whom do you serve?: Day One

We made it here safely to Mile High Pines for our 2016 edition of Lightseekers Camp. This is a new camp facility for us and with new things there is a time of adjustment ("You want me to go where?" or "I wasn't expecting this.") The camp staff is great though and is helping to meet all our needs. The food is good and the activities are totally fun. Chapel is about to begin and we get to hear from the band and our speaker, Jim  Woolard. We don't have WiFi, but our little hotspot we bought for camp is working like a champ so I might even be able to live blog Jim's message (don't ask me to livestream or video it, we only have 8GB of data.)
More later....

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dwinch said...

We are being prayed for RIGHT NOW. How's that for "love-streaming"??