Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 1 Continued - Whom Do You Serve?

Tonight in Chapel, Karla introduced a new song to go along with our Lightseekers favorites -Sing and Shout. It seems to be a hit with the kids. Jim talked about who God is and told the story of Moses. Moses encountered God in a burning bush and was given the important mission of going to Pharaoh, declaring the message of letting God's people go. When Moses asked who was sending him, God said to tell them that "I AM" was sending him. God declared who He was and all that went with that. He is the all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present One who would go with Moses even in difficult circumstances. God will go with us as well.

Everyone has gone to bed now (at least all the kids are in bed) and I'm off to a Missionary Kid meeting. More tomorrow. Pics are on Flickr.

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dwinch said...

Bless you Ann & all the leadership!!