Thursday, June 28, 2018

Get Down! - Day Four

Actually, I am going to first recap the end of Day 3; I blogged earlier this morning but that post was lost in the Internet fog we've been experiencing.

When I last posted, about half the camp was away at Jenks Lake canoeing. After their hike back, many of them talked how fun it was to canoe there. For some, this was their first time in a canoe and it was a memorable experience.

Following the campers' free-time (which just seem to fly by), we had a lovely dinner before heading over to chapel. In chapel we worshiped, played a Minute To Win It game called Paper Dragon. Kristen, our guitarist and friend from Hawaii, continued to share about her friend Shannon's ministry in Kenya. Her friend has partnered with a ministry that helps young people in small villages to get education and better their community. In fact, this week's mission offering we are collecting will help get students to go to school. So far this week, we have raised over $300 which will help send about 1 1/2  students to school. Our speaker Matt continued with the story of Jonah. In Chapter 3, Jonah preached to the people of Nineveh about God's imminent judgment. The people of the city heard God's warning and began to fast, wear sackcloth, mourn and repent. They "got down" and humbled themselves before the Lord. Because of this, God heard their prayers and relented from His punishment of them. Matt reminded us that God gives us so those same second chances (and multiple more than that) when we repent and turn to Him.

Once chapel was over, we had the campers go back to their cabins to change into their jammies, get their pillows and blankets for the rest of our "Incredible" evening as we watched our movie and ate snacks. Once it was over, they had their cabin devotions and went right to bed.

This morning, we put on our new camp T-shirts, ate pancakes and sausage, before taking the camp picture. (As soon as I get it uploaded, you can see it). Then it was off to chapel where Matt continued to talk about Jonah. In Chapter four, Jonah is mad that God didn't destroy his enemies, the Ninevehites, and instead saved them. God taught Jonah that His compassion extends to all people -to anyone who calls on His Name.

During church time, I again heard testimonies of leaders who called on His Name  and experienced life-changing transformation from Christ. It was encouraging and it makes everything we do, worth it. Camp free-time is fun and the food is great, but nothing compares to the joy of one who was lost coming to know Jesus. You can pray for the campers tonight as Matt challenges them to give their hearts to Jesus.


dwinch said...

Ann... You write such wonderful updates... I love your passion... Dave

dwinch said...

You guys are doing GREAT work!! And we are praying...